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Mia Vision is a Blasting Consultant company that was succesfully established in March 2014 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kibali Gold) as sub – contractor for Domino Blasting and M & T (Teichmann Group). We are currently based in Vereeniging Head Office, East London and Lesotho, where by Mia Vision provides the following services:

  • Blast Designs
  • Vibration Monioring (Seismographs)
  • Crack Surveying (Dilapitation Report)
  • Method Statements & Risk Assessments
  • Blast Video Analysis
  • Drones video’s, 3D Images and GPS Surveying

Blasting Designs

Geotechnical reports, rock densities and rock factors are commenly used with blast calculations to generate good blast designs. Cost and practical aspects are considered in conjunction with the program when designs are being made. The success of any blast lies in maximizing the desired parameters like quality of fragmentation, muck pile displacement, profile while minimizing the unwanted outputs like ground vibrations, air blast, back & side breaks, oversized fragments, flyrocks/misfires etc.

Vibration Monotoring (Seismographs)

Mia Vision has 12 seismographs units consisting of NOMIS Seismographs and INSTANTEL. Reports are given after the reading has been taken after each blast. Vibration Analysis and Monitoring includes testing/monitoring and analysis in the following areas: Susceptibility of buildings to vibration damage, Pre-construction building condition surveys, vibration monitoring, and compliance to vibration specifications. Analysis/monitoring includes deployment of equipment/personnel and the collection of data through field investigations. Analysis includes recommendations and conclusions, drawn from the data acquired, in relation to the specific needs of the project.

Crack Survey (Dilapitation Report)

Crack Survey are done prior to the blasting operation to ensure that buildings and structures are not affected by the Blasting Operation. Their will be photo’s and video images taken from the buildings and structures. The construction materials should be noted. The age of the cracks should be determined if possible. The building owner or occupier may be able to provide some information. The edges of old cracks are often weathered and the crack filled with debris and cobwebs. Some cracks are of uniform width, others taper. The direction of the taper should be noted. Cracks caused by shear forces tend to leave lumps of debris attached to one side of the crack. Occasionally cracks will occur due to compression.

Method Statements & Risk Assessment

Method Statements and Risk Assessments which everybody puts last on their “to-do-list”, well we are a company that puts it at Nr 1, it will be done and completed after we do a full site visit to identify the Risk and Method for the job to be succesfully completed. Each site and quarry will have a different site specific MS & RA according to the job specifications. A method statement is a document that sets out how a job will be completed and the control measures to be adopted and followed.

A method statement should identify any hazards that may be present in the job and the safety precautions that need to be taken to deal with them. It should state whether the works will be compatible with the activities of any other contractor on site.

Blast Video Analysis

Ever wanted to see what detail and effort there is in blasting, seeing what the explosives really do, well here’s your chance. Videos are professionally made of the blast with slow motion camera’s and new technology drones, to assist in a proper blast report.

Drone Images, 3D Images and GPS Surveying

4 x Phantom Four Professional Drones units and operators will be used and available, taking images, videos for identifying dykes and different ground conditions which is not easily seen from ground level, the best is we offer and give you 3D model of blasting bench.

Surveying we use the nice and easy Trimble GPS R8 system to get the best volume calculation and provide the level on each drilled hole and to control ground levels.

Our years of specialist experience qualifies us!

We will tailor solutions according to your unique circumstances.